Kerry Spry
Kerry Spry

Atlanta, GA.
Established 2006


My name is Kerry Spry. I am the President and CEO here at and I’ve got an exciting opportunity for Virtual Recruiters and Head Hunters from your area that are motivated and would like to immediately average $1,800.00-$3,000.00 PER WEEK!!!  <CLICK HERE> FOR A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE OF RECRUITER EARNING POTENTIAL


  • NO COST: First things first...of course I know exactly what you're thinking. You're thinking what's the catch and how much is this going to cost me? And the answer to those questions are that there is no catch and this will not cost you anything more than your hard work and focused effort. This is 100% real!!! I am 100% real and so is our business that has successfully been in business and located at the exact same address, with the exact same phone number since 2006. We are also proud partners with GlassDoor where we are one of the highest rated employers and happy to be part of GlassDoor's public platform that allows all of our workers (both past and present), to anonymously and publicly comment on their real-life experiences with And we will never ask for any money from you or anybody else. We definitely don't need your money for any reason. This never has been and never will be one of those traps that so many solid business men and women like you have unfortunately fallen in to during your search for success in the past. This is definitely not that. This is a legitimate opportunity for you to make life changing money pretty fast!!! So please don’t ever call me just to ask if you or anyone else are going to be asked to pay any money to begin working with us here at because nobody, including you, will ever be asked for a single dime to work here with us at!!! And now that that's been covered, it's time to leave your concerns behind and focus on what you're about to read. So stay focused. It's important!

  • JOB DESCRIPTION: Your job would be to work as a "virtual independent contract recruiter" from your office or home office to find commissioned sales representatives who live in any one of my client's 83 sales markets nationwide to sell Above Ground Swimming Pools for the client (that is your job in its entirety).

  • WORK VIRTUALLY: This is a virtual position that can be performed from anywhere in the world so it doesn't matter where you are. You can work from your home or from your own home office at your own pace and make as much money as you're here to make. 

  • WHY IT'S SO EASY TO EARN: Here's why your job will be so easy and why your applicants will want the job you're getting paid to fill. My client, Blue World Pools, Inc. A Nevada Corporation will provide the sales representatives you hire with 2-3 credit pre-approved appointments every day and of course your new hires will never be asked for a single dime for those expensive appointments. Also, your new hires will never be required to do any cold calling of any kind because Blue World Pools, Inc. advertises on the internet in all of their markets and on nationwide television so the appointments they’ll be given and running are never shared with another sales representative and they're always the hottest appointments in the home improvement industry!!! And believe me when I tell you, your applicants are going to love to hear that!!! And again, Blue World Pools, Inc. will provide your new hires with 100% of their appointments. All appointments are credit pre-approved, all brand-new, all excited and ready to see the sales representatives you're hiring in their home. Furthermore, Blue World Pools, Inc. will pay their gas money to run their first 10 appointments. It really is an easy hire for Recruiters of all skill levels. Last year we hired over 1000 new sales representatives nationwide for our client in just 20 weeks!!!

  • HOW YOU'RE PAID: Here's how you get paid. You the Recruiter will be paid a flat $300.00 commission for every new sales representative that you hire after your hire graduates from sales training and runs just two appointments given to them by the client. Also, in 2014 I started paying $100.00 of your $300.00 commission as soon as your new hire graduates from their two and a half day training class. The remaining $200.00 of your $300.00 commission will be paid after your new hire runs just two appointments. This split commission agreement is specifically designed to put money in your pocket faster. Think about this before you think you have any questions...the client is paying your new hire’s gas money to run their first ten appointments, so they're definitely running the two appointments we need them to run so that you can get paid your full commission right? And no, they're not required to sell to either one of the first two appointments they run in order for you to get paid. It's simple, they graduate from sales training, you get paid. They run two appointments, you get paid more. It really is that easy!


  • AVERAGE INCOME: The average Recruiter here at hires an average of 6-10 new sales representatives per week and averages $1,800.00-$3,000.00 PER WEEK!!! I also have Recruiters who hire 15-20 new sales representatives per week times $300.00 per hire!!! Now does that sound like the kind of money you’d like to be making?


  • TRAINING PROVIDED: You do not need experience to be successful and to make the kind of money we make in this industry. Free online training and ongoing support by text, email, or by phone is always available to you day and night. Basic training is provided at your finger tips in the form of the "Recruiters Training Packet" which you can download below by clicking the "Recruiters Training Packet" button below. Next, a link to the associated "Recruiters Test" can be found in the Recruiters Training Packet. Once you've studied the complete training packet and you're ready to begin your test simply click the link included ub the training packet and begin the Recruiters Test. Score a 95% or better on this easy, open book test, and you've made the team! And if you do a great job for us this year you will have the option to work with me on this contract every year for as long as you would like to work on it. My client Blue World Pools, Inc. A Nevada Corporation has been in business for over 40 years and has been my client since 2006, so the contracts not going anywhere and neither are we!!!

  • ABOUT ADVERTISING: In order for you to really maximize your income here you will have to have the ability to post help wanted ads to hire new sales representatives from over 80 of our client's hiring cities across the United States, not just in your local area. And there are hundreds of free or low-cost employment advertising options and ideas that you can use in addition to all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. And lots of employment advertising options can be found in our learning center (which you'll read about in the Recruiters Training Packet) under the Job Boards section. You can also take advantage of our discounts and partnerships at Career Builder and Zip Recruiter. Contact information for your very own account managers to both of those platforms is provided. And as a Independent Contract Recruiter you will be offered the same discount receives with our bulk purchases so you can rest assured that you're getting a great deal for your advertising dollars at Career Builder and ZipRecruiter. Please note that I do not work for Career Builder or ZipRecruiter and I do not get paid to refer you to their job boards so I cannot promise you any results, but I can tell you that Career Builder and ZipRecruiter are my "go-to" job boards for my own employment advertising and they both work great for me! You can learn more about our discounts with Career Builder and Zip Recruiter along with so much more at the Learning Center. And remember that you will still need to do your own research in order to make this contract work and to realize your full earning potential. Finding sales representatives is your complete job description, my job is to pay you for the sales representatives you find. does not provide leads.


Proud Partners Since 2006

Blue World Pools, Inc. / Global-Sun Pools, Inc.
Are The Same Nevada Corporation

From here you have two options.


Option #1Simply click on the link below to instantly view and download the "Recruiters Training Packet". Once you've read the entire training packet and you're ready to take the Recruiters Test you will find the link to the online Recruiters Test within the training packet. The Recruiters Test link can be found in numerous places so you can't miss it if you read the entire training packet. In order to be offered a contract you will need to take the Recruiters Test and score a 95% or better. Score a 95% or better and you’re in (while positions remain available). Please allow up to 2-business days to receive  your test results. Also, please do not submit your test answers twice. All tests will be graded and results returned within 2-business days whether you pass or fail. Also, if you do not receive your test results within 2-business days please call me at my office. There may have been a problem. But I am extremely busy so please allow up to 2-business days after you've submitted your answers to receive your test results. Please do not forget to check your spam folder for your test results because many email platforms mark business emails as spam. Your test results email would be considered a business email and may go to your spam folder.  

Option #2: You're welcome to call me at my office with any questions. However again, please understand that I am extremely busy, so be sure that you’ve read this entire job description at least once before you call me and be prepared with specific questions that are not covered on this page. And if your question is, “how do I apply?” or “what’s the next step?” please simply follow the instructions in Option #1. But after you call and your questions have been answered you will need to return to this page to download the "Recruiters Training Packet".

Wishing you all the best,


President and CEO
atlanta, ga., usa
P: 800.706.0907 Ext. 7

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Disclaimer: Results vary. Not all passing tests can be offered a Recruiting Contract to begin working with Recruiting Contracts are only offered while positions remain available. reserves the "right to refuse" any applicant for any reason.





CONTACT US is a private staffing firm located in Atlanta, GA. that has successfully been in business since 2006 and we are experts on every level of staffing and recruiting.

Our company values are simple and clear. Work hard. Be honest and transparent. And don't slow down until the job is done. And repeat.

As a recruiting company our team of 'Virtual Recruiters' come from different parts of the world and many different areas of experience. Most of them have never worked as an Independent Contract Recruiter before coming to work at but all of them realize immediate success and enjoy high levels of income here with us at

All of our recruitment ads always have clear and easy to follow instructions but feel free to call me anytime with questions. I only ask that you visit us at and read the complete job description at least once so that the basics are behind us. Thank you for your time.

Our President and CEO is Kerry Spry. 

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