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We're excited to announce our brand new partnership with ZipRecruiter and its affiliates. As of 2018 ZipRecruiter became our exclusive partner for employment advertising at bwpcareers.com. and we've managed to set up great rates for our recruiters that will reflect the exact same bulk discount I'm getting with my account. And my advice is to use ZipRecruiter as much as you possibly can. because ZipRecruiter is quickly becoming a titan in the employment advertising industry and are an extremely effective platform for finding our type of applicants.


As is standard with ZipRecruiter we're being offered a free trial in addition to our exclusive pricing agreement which will begin at the conclusion of your free trial. This is a great deal that's being offered exclusively to bwpcareers.com and our recruiters. Again, you all are now able to take advantage of the same discount I am enjoying based on the dollar amount that bwpcareers.com is spending. I entered the relationship at 100 Pro Jobs per month because the Pro Plan also includes job blasts which blasts your job posting out to ZipRecruiter subscribers via text, email, etc... So my advice is to go with their Pro Plan Job Postings. 

That said it's important to note that I do not make any money off of anything that you all decide to do financially with ZipRecruiter therefore I would also add that I cannot promise any specific results where ZipRecruiter is concerned. But what I can tell you is that ZipRecruiter is my "go-to" job board and again I entered the relationship at 100 postings per month at the Pro Plan level for both of my companies. But what I'm doing isn't important. What's important is that you all are achieving results because again, "your success, is my success".

You can sign up today with ZipRecruiter by contacting our dedicated account manager Constance Barzda by phone or by email. Constance is a solid professional and she'll take great care of you all. She's willing and waiting to hear from you with any questions that you might have. To get started and begin your free trial click here: https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/1378dd6e-b314-40ca-a869-7be3fc0c0027/google-com-url

Constance Barzda | ZipRecruiter
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President and CEO
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