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  1. 5/4/2022 UpdateCall me to discuss this advertising option and ways that I found to maximize and refine your campaign with Talroo.

  2. 5/6/22 Update: The reason I was asking you all to call me before you begin your campaign with Talroo was so I could share what we've learned since we began working with Talroo which is we've learned we can get better quality leads and applicants by pointing our applicants to a web form instead of simply using the traditional "EASY APPLY" method (which I feel does not work and yields marginal results at best because instead of simply pressing an easy apply button, users will have to actually complete an exercise before you ultimately get their contact information). If you understand this concept then you do not need to call me. If you need a deeper explanation, then call me. Here is an example of the web form I use when I run campaigns for sales representatives. If you plan on using this option, please have it ready before you contact about your ad campaign. I hope this helps. 

    This is the form I use:

    This is the form builder I use:


RE: Employment Advertising Campaigns | 

Date: 4/15/2022


I am excited to announce our brand new partnership with As of 2022 became another one of our exclusive partners for employment advertising at

A little bit about, I have been testing their ability to use their unique talent to help us find workers in multiple categories and they have been doing a great job for us. Talroo is not a traditional job board, they are the present and the future of employment advertising. Think about it, years ago employment advertising was as easy as running an ad in the classified section of the Sunday paper. Too bad those days are long gone. It was so easy back then. And as newspapers were fading, employment advertising sites like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder were becoming more and more popular. Now in 2022 there are so many job boards out there (most of them useless), who knows where the best place is to run our ads? And that's where Talroo comes in to play.  It will be their job to know for you.


Talroo's job will be to use your advertising dollars to produce the applicants you need to be successful. And considering the fact that I'm using them myself I can tell you from my own experience, the process is as easy as contacting our account manager Ariel Refoua, work with her on your budget, and then let her team do their jobs and watch your applicants start pouring in.


That said, it's important to note that I do not make any money from anything you all decide to do with Talroo financially. In fact, it doesn't do anything for me other than help you all get what you need which helps me get what I need. I entered my relationship with Talroo at $8,000 per month. But what I'm doing financially with Talroo isn't important. I only mention it so you understand that I'm invested in this option right along with you. Moving on, you may now immediately begin working with Talroo by contacting our Account Manager listed below. She'll take great care of you all! Please find her information below. She's ready and waiting to help you. 

And to help you all get started with Talroo today, I will reimburse $300 of the $500 minimum you're asked to spend on any one campaign with Talroo. My offer to reimburse $300 is good one-time to help you all get started and will be reimbursed with proof of your purchase on your following commission check where you have hired at least (3) new hires.

The target for Talroo is to achieve a max cost of $20 per applicant. So if you spend $500 on any one campaign Talroo is committed to provide you with at least 25-applicants. And if you're hiring at least half of those applicants you'll turn your first $500 in to $3,750 plus the $300 I will reimburse you. That's targeting over $4,000 with just $200 out of your pocket for your initial campaign after I reimburse $300. After that you're on your own.

Ariel sent me 3 links that she felt like you all should see for a better understanding prior to reaching out to her. Or just reach out to her. Either way, here are those links: 


To move forward, email the following six lines to Ariel at the email address listed below. Once you have emailed the following information to Ariel, Ariel has committed to getting back to you the same day or within 1-business day to help you set up your account and get your campaign running shortly thereafter. Again, there is a $500 minimum for any one campaign.

Email the following information to Ariel Refoua at Talroo:

  1. Your Complete Name

  2. Your Complete Billing Address

  3. Your Complete Email Address

  4. Your Complete Phone Number

  5. Dollar amount you'd like to spend (minimum $500)

  6. In partnership with Kerry Spry

Kerry Spry

President and CEO
800-706-0907 Ext. 7 

Ariel Refoua
Account Manager

Office: 469.273.1421

Here is an example of the intelligent campaign tracking dashboard Talroo provides which clearly reports how Talroo is making your money work for you. #nobrainer