Our lead purchase program is simple. We sell our leads by the page for $100.00 per page which will include 15 new leads that have contacted our office based on “commission only sales” advertisements that were placed on various employment advertising platforms.

The way the “Lead Purchase Program” works is when these leads become available we give our entire staff the opportunity to purchase the leads that will be given to one single recruiter. These leads are not sold to multiple recruiters and are not always available or promised to be available so do not depend solely on these leads. Also, when the leads are available they will be sold on a first order basis meaning that when their availability is announced the first recruiter to order these leads will have them and be the only recruiter that gets them. They are a rare opportunity that are not promised so when the opportunity presents itself you’ll need to contact us immediately because they will not last. 

Once you’ve purchased your leads you will receive 15 brand new leads that have contacted our office with interest in the sales position no more than 24-48 hours prior to your purchase so the leads are always brand new and ready to go to work. You will be given the leads’ first name and phone number as that will be the only information we require from the applicant at the original point of contact. And again, these leads are always new and all in-bound leads that have contacted my office with interest in the “commission only” sales position that we advertised in detail so they’ll be informed and ready to go to work if you offer them the position.


By purchasing this lead sheet I agree that neither Kerry Spry and/or bwpcareers.com has made no promises of success with the leads I am purchasing either verbally or in writing and that all sales are final and non-refundable.

Lead Sheet -15 Leads