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...important updates.


  • Hot List: The weekly Hot List does not change the training schedule.
    (Example: If the Dallas market is temporarily closed on this weeks Hot List the training class in Dallas is not closed or cancelled. This means that the Dallas class is only open to new hires from markets other than the Dallas market.)


  • Hot List: The weekly Hot List also does not disqualify applicants that have already been confirmed for tomorrows (Wednesday) training classes.
    (Example: If the Dallas market is temporarily closed on this weeks Hot List that comes out on Tuesday and there's a training class in Dallas tomorrow and you have already confirmed applicants from the Dallas sales market, the applicants that are already confirmed for tomorrows training class are not affected.)


  • Hot List: You can now hire applicants from markets that are closed on the weekly Hot List that are willing to travel full-time. To be clear, recruiters are not permitted to confirm a hire from a closed market that are not willing to travel full-time. Please do not attempt to confirm an applicant for full-time travel from any area (including closed markets) without an exception from Mr. Spry. All full-time travelers will need an exception that can only be received via email. To get an exception for full-time travel, forward your applicants travel statement to and then text Mr. Spry to let him know that you've emailed your request on his cell 770-905-7299. Applicants that are confirmed for full-time travel without an exception for full-time travel from Mr. Spry will be rejected by the confirmation department. More information regarding full-time travel exceptions and the 2024 -Full-Time Travel Statement can be found in the 2024 -Recruiters Training Packet in the FAQ's section.

  • Hot List Key: GREEN =OK to hire. YELLOW =OK to hire. RED =Do not hire.

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