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RE: Career Builder Ad Placement

Date: 2/5/2020


I am excited to announce our brand new partnership with Career Builder. As of 2020 Career Builder became another one of our exclusive partners for employment advertising at and we've managed to set up great rates for our recruiters that will reflect the exact same bulk discount I'm getting with my account. And my advice is to use Career Builder as much as you possibly can because Career Builder is already a titan in the employment advertising industry and is an extremely effective platform for finding our type of applicants. And again, you will be able to purchase job postings at Career Builder for the exact same discounted rate that I pay for the 600 job postings I have purchased. And believe me, it's a fantastic rate so definitely take advantage of it!


That said, it's important to note that I do not make any money off of anything that you all decide to do with Career Builder therefore I would also add that I cannot promise any specific results. But what I can tell you is that Career Builder is one of my "go-to" job boards and again I entered my relationship with Career Builder at 600 I'm "all in". But what I'm doing with Career Builder isn't important. What's important is that you all are achieving results because again, "your success, is my success".

You may begin posting with Career Builder today by contacting the account executive listed below. My advice would be to start advertising on Career Builder followed by everywhere else. And I cannot publish the rate that we're paying publicly for obvious reasons but you'll be in good hands with our account rep. She'll take great care of you all! Please find her information below and give her a call. She's ready and waiting to help you. If you have any questions regarding the rate you were given feel free to contact me at my office. Thanks.

Kerry Spry
President and CEO
800-706-0907 Ext. 7 


EmmaRose Garret

Career Builder Accounts Executive

P: 773-353-2859