Hi. My name is Kerry Spry. I am the Owner and Director of Human Resources and Recruiting here at and I’ve got an exciting opportunity for Recruiters and Head Hunters from your area that are motivated and would like to immediately average $1,800-$3,000 PER WEEK!!!

Your job is to work from your home office to find commissioned sales representatives who live in any one of my client's 55 sales markets across the country to sell Above Ground Swimming Pools for my client (that is your job in its entirety).

My client, Blue World Pools, Inc. A Nevada Corporation, will provide the sales representatives you'll be hiring with 2-3 warm, credit pre-approved, TV and Internet appointments every day and your hires will never be asked for a single dime. Also your hires will never ever be required to do any cold calling of any kind, and they will all make very good money!!! And again, my client will provide your hires with 100% of their appointments. No cold calling of any kind will ever be required of the sales representatives your are hiring. Furthermore, my client will pay their gas money to run their first 10 appointments. It's really a very easy hire. In 2013, my small staff hired almost 957 new sales representatives in just four months!!!

As far as Recruiter pay goes, I will pay you $300.00 for every new sales representative who graduates from training and runs just two appointments given to them by my client. Once they've graduated from training and have run at least two appointments, I'll pay you your recruiting fee of $300.00 per qualified hire on a semi-monthly basis. Average $1,800-$3,000 PER WEEK!!!

Training for the sales representatives you are hiring will last just 2 and ½ days and are scheduled every Wednesday and Sunday so you will have plenty of opportunities to hire new sales representatives and get them started right away so you can get paid right away. Please do not call me to ask if you or anyone else is going to be asked to any money. Because nobody, including you, will ever be asked for a single dime to begin work here with bwpcareers,com as a recruiter or with Blue World Pools, Inc. as a salesperson...ever!!! So we're clear, your training comes in the form of a Recruiters Training Packet and Test (you can order by completing the form below, again, at NO COST). The 2 and ½ day training is for the sales representatives you'll be hiring to begin work with the client, not you.

It really doesn't get any easier!!! The average recruiter here at hires about 6-10 new sales representatives per week. I also have recruiters who hire 15-20 new sales representatives per week, times $300.00 per hire!!! Obviously there is a great deal of money to be made as a recruiter here with Prove yourself useful and you can have this job every year for as long as you want it. My client has been in business for over 30 years and has been my client since 2006!!!

Please note: This position requires you to have the ability to post help wanted ads nationwide in order to hire new sales representatives from over 50 sales markets across the country. Advertising and finding those sales representatives is your responsibility, paying you for finding those sales representatives is my responsibility. My company does not provide leads. And there are hundreds of free or low cost employment advertising options that you can use. Do your research. And again, finding sales representatives is your job, my job is to pay you for the sales representatives you find.

Client Information

Blue World Pools, Inc.
A Nevada Corporation
Since 1982


From here you have two options:

Option #1. Simply fill out the form below and select "Yes" indicating you'd like to receive the recruiting packet which includes all of your training material and a test. Then click the "Apply" button to submit the request. Finally, return the test with a score of 95% or better and you’re in!!! Important Note: Please allow 24-48 hrs. to receive your recruiters training packet and test. Both are sent via email as a PDF to the email address you provide in the request form. So please make sure your email address is entered accurately. Also, please do not submit your request twice. All requests will be answered within 28-48 hrs.

Option #2. Call me at my office with any questions. However, I am extremely busy, so please be sure that you’ve read this entire ad before you call me and be prepared with specific questions that are not covered in this detailed ad. And if your question is, “How do I apply?” or “What’s the next step?”, please simply follow the instructions in option #1. Important Note: After you call and your questions have been answered, you will be asked to return to this page to fill out the request form.

All the best,

K e r r y  S p r y - Director of Human Resources and Recruiting
P: 800-706-0907 EXT. 7